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Power Electronics may be defined as the applications of solid-state electronics for control and conversion of electrical power.Power electronics are based primarily on the switching of the power semiconductor devices. Power electronics combine power, electronics and control. Power electronics have already found an important place in modern technology and are now used in a great variety of high-power products, including heat controls,light controls, motor controls, power supplies, and high voltage direct current systems.
"Technically Advanced:"
AC-AC Converter
DC-AC Inverter
AC-DC Rectifier
DC-DC Converter

Advanced Power Electronics
  • Advanced soft-switching inverter topologies
  • Packaging technologies for EMI minimization as well as space and weight reduction
  • DSP-based control technologies for motor drives
  • Electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell vehicle traction drives
  • Motor-assisted turbochargers and auxiliary drives
  • Multilevel inverters for high voltage and/or high power motor drives
  • Silicon carbide-based power electronics and high temperature packaging
  • Testing, characterization, and modeling of power devices
  • Modeling and simulation at the device, module, and system levels
  • DC-to-DC converter
Electric Machines
  • Radial and axial gap permanent magnet machines
  • Switched reluctance and synchronous reluctance machines
  • DC homo polar and soft-commutated machines
  • Superconducting motors, generators, and transformers
  • Field weakening and enhancement techniques
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies for electric machines
  • Finite element analysis of electro magnetics, mechanical stresses, and thermal analysis
Thermal Control
  • Direct cooling of electronic devices and systems
  • Single-phase and two-phase cooling
  • Coolant compatibility and comparison studies
  • Hybrid electric vehicle drive train module and system-level thermal control R&D
  • High temperature packaging techniques
Power Quality and Utility Interconnection
  • Utility grid interface inverters for distributed energy resources such as fuel cells, solar cells, or micro turbines
  • STATCOMs for reactive power compensation
  • Active power filters for harmonic compensation


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